H2H Technologies is a provider of dynamic and granular competitive intelligence, audience segmentation, and positional marketing initiatives. H2H’s proprietary platform and services team provide an array of products that improve audience awareness, personalize messaging, and spearhead market discovery by leveraging perception-driving distinctions.


Enterprises such as retailers, manufacturers, and brands face the challenges of responding timely to the constantly changing preferences and sentiments of their customers. H2H Technology offers a unique contextualized approach to collect, process, analyze, and visualize consumer preferences and sentiments in real time by interacting directly with consumers and integrate their immediate input with Big Data such as social media to explain not only what and how but why customers prefer one product over another.



H2H uses non-invasive means to extract individual consumer preference data in real time and thus enable retailers to adjust their promotional mix and tactics in a timely fashion.  The whole process of data gathering, aggregation, processing, and analysis is contextualized, enabling association of features of one brand (product, model etc.) with those of another. Such granularity gives retailer real actionable intelligence to display products more effectively, recommend  products more accurately, and control inventory more efficiently. We also provide affiliate programs for smaller online retailers to expand their product offerings.


H2H Technology refines and socializes content production, identifies and explains community sentiment, streamlines poignant user intelligence, and dramatically enhances communication between users and manufacturers. Such communication greatly enhances a manufacturer’s ability to engage consumer preferences and sentiments and increase their responsiveness  to changing customer preferences and sentiments.  They can also improve the accuracy of their marketing and sales efforts by translating customer preferences and sentiments into marketing tactics tailored to an individual or a group of consumers.


H2H Technology helps identify and visualize what their audience like or prefer so that they can improve their interaction with their audience, understand  whom they should sell to and increase advertising effectiveness.  H2H Technology tools enable publishers to engage their audience, attract more audience, and augment their existing content. We can productize their content by associating it with products and thus monetize their content with actionable intelligence.






+  Collect data directly from consumers in an interactive fashion.
+  Identify and analyze consumer preferences and sentiments with granularities such as features, functionalities, and budget concerns,
always in a context of two or more products.
+  Offer historical trending analysis of changing customer behavior, preferences and sentiments.
+  Integrate with enterprise data and social media data to generate consumer intelligence by leveraging competitive Big Data.
+  Understand not only what customers prefer but why both in real time and with historical perspective.
+  Product – and brand-centric with users’  active participation, enabling them to remap and reorder the data according to their input.
+  Not just display or visualization of information; dynamic actionable consumer intelligence based on how users interact with the data.






H2H Technologies is led by former executives and technologists from IBM, Microsoft, Jupiter Media, MIT, and Boston University.


Contextualized Consumer Data Collection, Aggregation, Processing, and Analysis for Actionable Business Intelligence. H2H leverages and streamlines competitive Big Data to offer truly contextualized consumer intelligence for businesses to better understand and serve their customers, and for individuals to choose what exactly fits their taste, budget, and preference.




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